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  1. chinese_flag   在小组 2047 回复文章

    New Flag for Chinese


  2. chinese_flag   在小组 2047 回复文章

    New Flag for Chinese

  3. chinese_flag   在小组 2047 发表文章

    New Flag for Chinese

    • Name(formal, proposed): International Chinese Flag / 國際華旗

    • Name(descriptive): Nine-pointed Star Red Flag 紅底九芒星旗

    • Designer: @太陽三觀測站 https://2047.name/t/11694

    • Meaning/Represents:

      • Chinese speakers (regardless of dialect/tone, as long as the same characters are used), predominantly of Han-ethnicity (including most residents in Hong Kong and Taiwan)
      • Not affiliated with any political party that controls Mainland/Taiwan since 1949 (CCP/KMT/DPP...)
      • Pro-democracy/freedom, against dictatorship/totalitarianism
      • Against atrocities against muslim and other minorities
      • Ready to defend themselves